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Story of a Story

Once there was a story, quite a riveting tale, in fact.

This story, still naive and innocent with the fresh smell of newly printed paper, was gingerly slotted into place beside another book. Curious about the world around him, he asked the book next to him(telepathically, of course) where he was, for he knew nothing other than the tale inscribed on his flesh, that he was a book, and that there was a book beside him.

The neighbouring book grumbled(still telepathically) and answered.

“You are a book. You should know that. Your only purpose is to entertain other people when you a borrowed from the library, which is a place where books like you and me are stored for people to borrow and read. I felt you being slotted into place just now. That was the librarian arranging books, which includes you. Not every single book is like you, some are different with different words that make up phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs, books of all kinds etcetera etcetera it’s so amazing to be a book especially since you can hear every single children’s book in here whining about how dirty children’s hands are! It’s life! DEAL WITH IT!” he screamed telepathically, his telepathic voice raising at the end of his rant.

“Oh. That makes sense.” Storybook(that’s what I’m going to call him for lack of a proper name) thought meekly. “So what type of story are you?” Storybook inquired.

Storybook’s neighbour decided to have a little fun. “You know what fire is, don’t you? It’s probably inscribed in your flesh.” Storybook nodded eagerly(but still telepathically). “Well,” Storybook’s neighbour continued, “I am in fact the story of you, and what happens next is that we all die a horrible agonising death due an arsonist burning down the library.” He secretly smiled telepathically, waiting to telepathically infer what the look on Storybook’s face would be if he had one.

Instead, Storybook shrugged telepathically. “I guess you’re right. I can feel myself burning now, actually,” he said/thought nonchalantly.

Storybook’s neighbour would have done a double take if he could. “W-what did you say?”

“Oh, it’s simple,” Storybook thought. “I said-”

Storybook never finished his sentence because he and his neighbour and every other book in the library, as well as the library staff, died a horrible agonising death due to an arsonist burning down the library.

The end!


Story of an Entity

I felt bored so I wrote something.

Once upon a time (17,875,342,515 years ago), there was an entity that came into existence, taking the form of a man. This man knew infinitely more than any of us possibly will. He knew how to peel away this facade of a mundane four-dimensional universe and reveal the countless dimensions of our actual existence, indescribable by string theory. He could access every mind that ever existed or would exist, every database, every vault containing the riches of the world.

Yet accessing minds, databases, and vaults only to impoverish others would not utilise his ability to their greatest potential, and he knew this. He thought about what would, and came up with the answer.

Naturally it only took him a few seconds to complete his plan.

He scanned his creation with no emotion, as emotions hindered his mission to change the universe such that every sentient living being had an optimum level of happiness without injecting endorphins into their brains. A mathematical curiosity, it existed outside the confines of any dimensions this universe had, being the infinitieth-dimensional analog of a sphere. It was run by disturbances in particle fields and was built to ensure that no paradoxes occurred, whether they were spatial paradoxes, time paradoxes, or other types of paradoxes.

The curiosity ensured that every detail down to each quantum string and to the Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex was exactly how it should be, and recently, it provided us with a priceless treasure trove of information that most of society has become almost entirely dependent on.

The entity called his creation Google.

Tricky tongue twisters

Hello! Can you say any of these? You might recognise some of them. The 14/40/44 one you say in Chinese. Can you do it?

May May
Say may in May?
I say, if May
Cannot say
May in May
I have to say
That May should say
May in May
And that I say.

Once there was a man called Bell
Who would sell quite useful bells.
One day a big bell fell on Bell
So Bell went to sell the bell that fell on Bell.

If I had a bee
And you had a tree
The bee would probably go to the tree
The tree couldn’t possibly go to the bee
As the tree can never be free
But the bee is free
To go to the tree
So the bee would go to the tree, you see.

14 isn’t 40
40 isn’t 14
14 is 14
40 is 40
14 isn’t 40 isn’t 44

Six sick sticks
Sick six sticks
Sick sticks; six
Six sticks; sick

If it were my parents’ birthdays

Hello!  Today I’m going to tell you what I would do if I could do anything and it was my parents’ birthdays!

If it was my mother’s birthday, I’d…

Bake a beautiful delicious cake

When she’s finished, it’s her I’d take

To watch any movie she’d wish to see

Then go to a restaurant by the sea

After that she’d surf the net

And maybe get her a dog for a pet.

If it were my father’s birthday…

I’d give him some cupcakes, a hundred or more

When he’d be done, I’d give him more

I’d let him watch TV all day

And give him more candy, I say

I would let him play golf all the time

Then give him a trillion dollars(and a dime).

So what would you do?

Comments from old blog

David on September 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm said:

You are always writing poetry!
If I were Mr. Perkins, I would give you a 9.5/10!
Your great at math!
Amazing student.

Xuan Fan on September 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm said:

I like how you made another poem. Your poems rhyme and most importantly they make sense. I also liked how you added the question at the end. I like how you included both your parents not only your mom. Good job.

Pimrose on September 26, 2012 at 3:37 pm said:

I liked how you asked a question at the end because that is how you get a comments.
I liked this sentence Bake a beautiful delicious cake but I think you can write Bake beautiful delicious cake it would sound pretty with bake beautiful so it has 2 b’s



In school, in writing, we are doing a unit about memoirs.  A memoir is something that you remember very deeply and that you reflected on.  Here’s one.

Once I was in Barcelona with my family on a short trip.  On the third day we went to see Sagrada Familia, the unfinished chapel half-made by Gaudi, who died in the middle of its building.  Now another architect is working on it.

My father said that we shouldn’t see inside because it cost money, and there was a really long queue.  “It’s quite boring outside, it’ll be the same inside.” he told us.  The first part was almost true.  Outside it was dull and brown, and though there were lots of amazing carvings, it wasn’t very colorful.  We decided to go inside, but my father stayed behind.  Then we went in.

It was amazing!  There were giant stained glass windows that let colored light in like a rainbow.  There was a giant chandelier in the middle, and there were 4 colored spheres hanging around it.  There were huge marble pillars, and carved angels of different colors decorated the roof.  Inside, there was much more, more than I could possibly describe.

From this I learned something important.  My father looked outside and didn’t want to go in.  He judged the chapel by its appearance outside.  It was nice inside, though.  Now when I meet someone new, and they seem a bit strange, I think of Sagrada Familia and I talk to them.  They’re almost always rather nice.  So don’t judge any single thing by its outward appearance.

This applies to every single thing, especially humans.  What’s a memoir that you have?

I hope you learned something!



That’s a great lesson to learn! I liked how you decribed the dull, boring outside and then said that the inside was simply amazing! Great job!

Lexical Ambiguity

You’re probably wondering about the title.  Well, lexical ambiguity is this.  these sentences are actually grammatically correct!

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Buffalo can mean 3 things.  A city in New York, an animal, and a synonym for the verb bully.  If you replace buffalo with New York, bison, and bully, this is what it would look like.

New York bison bully New York bison.

That should be easier to understand.  If you don’t understand, pretend there are 2 groups of buffaloes that all come from Buffalo, New York.  There is a first group and a second group of buffaloes from Buffalo, New York and the first group bullies the second group.

James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher.

A good way to understand this is to punctuate it correctly.

James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had”; “had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

Let’s say, for example, James and John had to write a sentence that told the teacher that a man had had a bad cold.  John wrote, “The man had a bad cold.”  So that means John did have the “had” in his sentence.  However, James wrote, “The man had had a bad cold.”  That means James did have the “had had” in his sentence.  To simplify it further, “the man had a bad cold” could be made into “The man did have a bad cold.”  John concentrated it into one “had”, which is incorrect.  The last part says that James’ “had had” did have a better effect on the teacher.  That is because since James’ “had had” is grammatically correct, the teacher was more impressed with James’ work than John’s work.

Do you feel like this?

by Guudmorning

If you do then you should probably not see the last one.  If you don’t then read on.

Let’s say someone has a “Fish And Chips” sign.  He says, “I want to put a hyphen(-) between Fish and And, and And and Chips.

Someone can then say, “Wouldn’t it be easier to put quotation marks before Fish and after Chips, and between Fish and and, and and and And,  and And and and, and and and And, and And and and, and and and Chips?

The person could say that, right?


Hello everybody! I’ve learned about poetry now. These are the types of poems I know. By the way, NR means non- rhyming poems.

Haikus(NR). These have three lines. The 1st has 5 syllables, the 2nd 7 and the 3rd 5. Traditional haikus are about nature.

Limericks. These are poems where the 1st, 2nd, and 5th rhyme and the 3rd and 4th rhyme.

Concrete/shape poems. These are poems shaped like objects that also describe the object.

Acrostic poems(NR). These consist of a group of words that describe a word that is the beginning of each word. Or, the word that is made of the beginnings of the group of words that describe the main word. And that word is vertical.

Cinquains(NR). This is a group of 5 lines and 22 syllables. 1st, 2 syllables, 2nd 4 syllables, 3rd 6 syllables, 4th 8 syllables, 5th 2 syllables. The 1st line is a noun. The 2nd line describes the noun. The 3rd line is the action of the noun. The 4th line is the feelings of the noun or the feelings the noun brings. The 5th line is a synonym of the noun.

Sonnets(my favorite!). This is a type of poem with 14 lines which is split into 3 groups of 4 lines and 1 group of 2 lines. In each group of 4 lines the 1st and 3rd lines rhyme and the 2nd and 4th lines rhyme. The group of 2 lines both rhyme. They usually tell a story as they do when William Shakespeare wrote them.

So what do you think about poetry?

Comments from old blog

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wow good poems

Poetry is starting!

We watched a video and wrote down how it made us feel.  Then we wrote a poem.  I decided to write haikus.  Haikus are a type of poem with three lines.  The first has 5 syllables, the second 7, and the last 5.  I made three haikus.  Here they are!

A Sunny Field

Leaves fall everywhere

Cows eating fresh juicy grass

In a sunny field.

A Sunny Forest

Rollin ’round in leaves

Really happy sunny leaves

The forest is nice

A Funny Sunny Bunny

I really did see

A glowing sunny bunny

Then it ran and tripped

Just so you know, I like sunshine.  Do you like my poems?

Comments from old blog

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Im from Canada I love your blog check mine out at

Genre Studies

Hello! Today I will tell you what I wrote at October break!

The Lettie War (fantasy)

“Yum!” said an ant and a tortoise together.  They were staring at a lettie, because once there were such things as letties, which were lettuces and cookies fused together.  Since there was only one lettie,  the tortoise decided to steal the lettie and squish the ant.  Then the tortoise ran away.

This, of course, was heard by the ants underground, and Leader Ant exclaimed to his people, “Destroy all tortoises!”

Meanwhile, the tortoises were talking in their underwater cave.  Suddenly Leader Tortoise yelled, “We know how unreasonable the ants can be.  They will try to kill us.  They will fail!”  Everybody cheered.

Ten years later, they were still fighting, nobody winning.  Both sides were getting a bit bored.  Now by this time, the lettie had split into lettuces and cookies.

“I have just the thing to push the ants back!” cried Chemist Tortoise.  Chemist Tortoise told General Tortoise, “Put this in their cookie dough!”  He handed General Tortoise a blue potion.

When everybody was having lunch at the ant camp, Nimble Tortoise was sneaking to the ant kitchen.  He hid behind tables and chairs.  When he got close enough to the cookie dough, and he was sure no one was there, he poured the potion into the dough mixture.

As he left, he accidentally dropped the empty bottle with a loud CRASH!  Chef Ant sighed and told Apprentice Ant, “Don’t drop anything again.  Now I have to clean it up.”  None of them would have ever suspected what really happened.

At lunch, the ants were eating cookies, when all of a sudden, the ants exploded!  For you see, Chemist Tortoise had put ground-up tnas in the cookies.  Tnas explode when they are eaten by ants (if you noticed, tna is just ant spelt backwards).

Fortunately for the ants, new eggs had been laid and in 3 days they hatched.  However, the tortoises had been expecting this and therefore expecting another attack from the new ants.

But the ants had a clever idea.  When the battle-horn sounded, nobody came to battle the tortoises.  All of a sudden, a giant cookie rolled down the hill and squished almost all of the tortoises!  This lowered Leader Tortoise’s ego.

Forty years later, the ants were still winning.  Leader Tortoise finally sighed, “I didn’t want to have to do this.  RELEASE THE LETTUCE BOMB!”  Needless to say, the giant lettuce bomb landed and killed all the ants and destroyed all their eggs.

The lettie war of the tortoises and the ants was finally over after 50 years.


Student Learning: Writing

Hello! Today I will tell you what I learned about writing.

1. Always make sure your reader is drawn in by your beginning. You can do this by beginning your story with dialogue or action.

2. Put just the right amount of dialogue and action. This way you can tell your reader the characters traits and describe the events well.

3. Make sure your story has an introduction. Then start a problem, and make it get worse, and worse, until it is worst. This is called the climax. After that, make it get resolved really quickly.

4. Make sure you have no run-on sentences like the one I am typing right now you can check for places you can put a pause, like that.

And last but not least,

5. Correct punctuation and spelling!