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Random interesting title.

Today is New Year’s Day which means tomorrow is orientation in my new school. There’s also two more days of orientation, which either means that there’s a lot of things to know about in this new school or the staff are just very bad at orienting new students.

My New Year’s resolution, that I will without a shadow of a doubt not break, is to be more healthy. I can’t possibly break it! My level of health is entirely up to me to decide, and even if other people decide for me, I still haven’t broken my resolution because I don’t think I have.

Is sky blue too bright for a background in January?

Meaningful end to this blog post! Merry belated Christmas, blah blah blah, togetherness, new start to a new year, every school is a good school, blah blah New Year’s Day is so meaningful, blah blah blah etcetera.

(etcetera is not a number, as I found out later on in my life)




Today is Halloween(in Singapore) so I thought I would say something.

I don’t celebrate Halloween.

The first time my mother convinced me to bond with her friends’ children by getting me to go trick-or-treating with them was not an enjoyable experience. I felt really awkward asking random people for candy. After all, almost nobody begs for candy of all things at the front door of strangers’ houses on any other day, so I didn’t see why Halloween should be so special. (Does this sound too condescending? I tried to phrase it in a way such that it didn’t but I think I failed.)

When I got home and ate the candy, of which only about a third I wasn’t disgusted enough by to eat, I realised that all of the candy I had collected could have been bought from a convenience store downstairs, without any of the fuss of meeting up at a certain place with other people and picking out a good costume which actually looked terrible and made it difficult to breathe. If I were my parents, I’d much rather buy me some candy.

Of course, anybody else is still perfectly welcome to participate in these festivities for whatever reason, be it following tradition, bonding friends or getting enough free candy to compensate for the amount of money spent on the costume. During Halloween I just like to stay at home, maybe change the background of my blog to black, and search the internet for interesting tidbits of information about Halloween.

Such as this! According to Wikipedia(which isn’t really much less credible than other websites) is supposed to be the start of a triduum(three day celebration?) called Allhallowtide, and Halloween is merely a contraction of All Hallow’s Evening. Which is probably why the festivities take place in the evening.

Halloween is apparently meant to use “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death“. It makes sense, although you’re not so much confronting death than trying to pretend that you don’t care about it whereas if you were actually about to die right now, you probably wouldn’t be dressing up as a ghost or a mummy and asking someone for candy. Or maybe some people would! I don’t really know.

One problem with Halloween is that sometimes people aren’t sure whether something is a prank or not. Two days ago, in Long Island in the U.S., Patricia Ward was beheaded by her son, her headless corpse being dragged into the middle of the street. The body left a trail of blood coming from Patricia’s house. Passers-by thought it was a Halloween prank, albeit a very macabre and realistic one. After trying to lift the body they realised that it was a real dead body. Her son was seen to have kicked his mother’s detached head across the street before committing suicide by jumping in front of a train.

Happy Halloween!


Last Real Break

I’m currently 12 and next year I have to go to secondary school.

I’m a bit worried about what I’m going to do there. Will there be a lot of projects there? I think that if so, this is going to be my last real break before I die.

In secondary school, during our ‘breaks’ I’m going to have to complete all our projects so we won’t have real breaks. I might also have to have a sort of part-time job when I’m 16 or something, and have all these internships. I also have to arrange my own interviews which sounds like it would be really awkward or something.

Then after secondary school, I have to go and do national service because I’m a second generation Singaporean permanent resident, and then I have to look for a job(arranging my own interviews seems awkward) and then I have to do the job for the rest of my life, and I can’t retire because I’m not going to get married and have children, so I have to keep doing the job until I die.

That’s why I have to enjoy this while it lasts!(for about 2 more months)

The Only Even Prime Number!

2 is the only even prime number! It’s so amazing!

I’ve heard statements similar to the above in many places but I was always confused by why so many people consider it amazing. Even just means divisible by 2, and of course 2 is divisible by itself. It must also be the only even prime number because if any other prime number was divisible by 2, it would have to be 2 or be composite, in which case it is not a prime number.

Why is this so amazing? 3 is the only prime divisible by 3, 5 is the only number divisible by 5, etc. I wouldn’t even be convinced that 5 is special for being the only prime number that ends in a 5, because it only retains that property in base 10, the base that we use.

You could argue that 2 is the smallest number that has this property, but since all prime numbers have this property the most you can say is that it is the smallest prime number, which it actually shouldn’t be(due to negative prime numbers) but for some reason is considered to be.

So while 2 is the only even prime number, that property isn’t as special as you might think. A more suitable ‘special property’ is that 2 is the smallest prime number that is also a positive integer.

That’s so amazing!


I first learned the word metacognition when I was about six or seven years old, in a Moscow school. It means thinking about thinking. In this post, I will be making up a few words.

So recently, I started thinking about metacognition, or thinking about thinking about thinking; I’d call it metametacognition. Is it really useful to think about thinking? I decided that it was.

Then came thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking, or metametametacognition.  Should you really think about metacognition? I decided that sometimes you could.

Next I started metametametametacognition. Then I stopped because I realised where this was going to go.

It’s interesting to think about thinking, and sometimes to think about thinking about thinking, but you shouldn’t get too lost in the many repetitive levels of thinking about thinking and so on, because there are much more interesting things to think about than thinking.

Finally I thought, ” Is it possible to have a level lower than cognition, or thinking? Is it possible to have, maybe, atemcognition?”

I think that the only way that atemcognition is possible is if your cognition, or thinking, is about doing something, e.g. kicking a ball, moving a vase. Atemcognition would then be actually doing the activity that you were thinking about. It would be interesting if you were thinking about doing metacognition; then you could have atematematemcognition. Of course, thinking about doing metacognition is just metametacognition! So atematematemcognition would be back to doing something, like accidentally deflating a ball or dropping a vase. Either way, you should still not get too lost in all those layers of thinking. There are more important things to think about, like paying to fix the ball and sweeping up the pieces of the vase.

Thanks for reading!


I was looking at my old blog posts when I realised that many of them were very rude. For example, when I talked about why the days were called what they were, I asked readers(actually I didn’t specifically ask them) whether they knew, and then I wrote, “That’s what I thought.”

It’s a bit shocking to find out how rude you used to be; I can hardly imagine why I would say such things. I think that it’s always good to look at what you’ve done before and see where you went wrong(and where you didn’t).

New School(and blog)

New School

Posted on February 1, 2013

Hello!  I haven’t posted in a long time because I’m in my new school, and we moved, so I haven’t had much time.  I also have a new blog, because I want to keep all my blog posts, so now I’m trying to move all of them, including this one.

In ISB, my old school, math questions were basically asking things like this.

What is 63 divided by 9?

In ACS, my new school, some questions were asking things like this.

A is the sum of all the odd numbers from 1 to 49.  B is the sum of all the even numbers from 2 to 48.  What is the difference of A and B?

So my new school is different.

When moving to a new school, have you ever noticed any huge changes?  Not only in the curriculum, but the teachers, your classmates, etc.

What changes did you notice?


  1. Hey Sean! You sent me an email about this, it is extremely different. If I move I wowuld probably not adapt as good as you, because I went to ISB my school years, and lived here since I was 2! Hope your having fun! I wouldn’t be able to move, I would be so scared. Haha! I wonder what you would say to that :D You still squishing people with your fingers?? Bye!!

    PS— What is the thing you miss most about Thailand??

  2. Hey Sean,
    When I first came to I.S.B almost every thing was different and sort of confusing. I hope you are enjoying your school though, I am sure every one is super smart just like you! Nice post!

    • Dear Matt,
      Hello! Later you might hear on the news how somebody’s head in Singapore exploded with the force of a trillion plutonium, and therefore radioactive and nuclear, bombs, the cause being you typing to me a ridiculous ‘number’. Actually you’ve probably been reduced to a pile of radioactive dust by now. :)
      Sean L.

  3. Hi Sean!

    How are you liking your new school? Everybody in our class surely misses you. Make sure to keep sending us emails about your new surroundings…anyways, it sounds like your new school fits in for you well. The math there is what you should be doing. We just went on the mangrove trip. I think it was ok. We also made a flat Sean, making sure we didn’t exclude you. We took pictures of you, accompanied by Khun Api. It was also your first time in the girl’s bathroom! We will try to remember to send you those hilarious pictures. If you want me to answer your question, yes, I have been noticing very big changes especially in the curriculum. Back in Malaysia, school subjects like math, were much harder, similar to ISB and your new school, ACS. Math in ISB is not as hard as how it is in Malaysia. Considering my old school was a government school, it would definitely be harder, and more strict. The classes were extremely different. In Malaysia, it was those old-fashion ones, but here, as you know, they are very modern. With lots of tech tools, too, computers, smartboards. In ISB, it is quite modern. Sean, we definitely miss you greatly, your hyper personality, your expression when Mr. Perkins says gazillion (it is a word). Oh, there’s one more thing, make sure to send an email, possibly a long one, to Khun Api. Out of all of us, she is the one that misses you the most. Ms. Jordan and Ms. Sandmann, too, they need ten people to replace you in choir :D . It is such a pity that you didn’t get to meet the new student, William, who moved in from Tunisia. He is adapting great to the school. He would’ve loved to meet you. Hope you enjoy your new school! We all miss you, Sean!

12. And 12 again. Then 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12 and 12!

Hello!  Today is 2012/12/12.  It’ll soon be 12:12.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience!  I think today I’ll brush my teeth thoroughly 12 times.  12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12, 12.  12 12s.  The title also has 12 12s.  8,916,100,448,256  is 12 multiplied by 12, 12 times.I’m so excited!

What are you going to do to mark this day?  You can’t do this after tomorrow!

by mortimer?

Comment/s from old blog:

Dear Sean,
Yes 12/12/12 was really cool…. I did not do any thing though. I can’t believe the next time it is some thing like that will be in 03/3/3 Probably not in our life time. Bye Sean, sorry I was not at school to say good bye.
Sincerely Molly

A Random Thought

All the two letter words that begin with i are is, it, in, and if.  The next sentence uses all of them together.

If it is in there, how can there be space for it?

In this case, it refers to a blue whale, and there refers to a small bedroom.  I would say it like this.

How can that fit in there?

Also, all the two letter words that begin with a are ad, am, an, as, and at.  The next sentence uses all of them together.

That’s where I am at, as an ad for oranges is there.

In this case, the person is looking at an advertisement for oranges while talking on the phone to another person.  The first person wants to know where and when you can buy this particular brand of oranges.  I would say it like this.

I’m looking at an advertisement for oranges.

So while this is a fun thing to consider, and a nice thing to play around with, I don’t think anybody would ever use it in their speech,

Can you think of any other sentences like that?

Tricky tongue twisters

Hello! Can you say any of these? You might recognise some of them. The 14/40/44 one you say in Chinese. Can you do it?

May May
Say may in May?
I say, if May
Cannot say
May in May
I have to say
That May should say
May in May
And that I say.

Once there was a man called Bell
Who would sell quite useful bells.
One day a big bell fell on Bell
So Bell went to sell the bell that fell on Bell.

If I had a bee
And you had a tree
The bee would probably go to the tree
The tree couldn’t possibly go to the bee
As the tree can never be free
But the bee is free
To go to the tree
So the bee would go to the tree, you see.

14 isn’t 40
40 isn’t 14
14 is 14
40 is 40
14 isn’t 40 isn’t 44

Six sick sticks
Sick six sticks
Sick sticks; six
Six sticks; sick