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Hello! My name is Sean L. and I am a boy.  I first started this blog when I was in Bangkok.  After that, I moved to Singapore, where I have been for almost 2 years now.  I think that this blog has shown how I have changed in my thinking, especially between now and when I was in Bangkok.  Recently I realised that the name of this blog is ridiculous and has nothing to do with what is actually on the blog.  I like to write about informative things and patterns I notice, as well as my thoughts.  I hope you enjoy them!

List of things I’ve noticed

  • It’s hard to know when to stop talking to a person, because if you talk to them for too long, they’ll become uninterested and you’ll be embarrassed. On the other hand, if you end the conversation too quickly, the other person will think you’re uninterested, causing them to be embarrassed and subsequently not want to talk to you.
  • Noting that others are in a constant cycle of feeling superior to another person is also, in a sense, feeling superior to another person. Blogging about this would also similarly trap you in a ‘superiority cycle’.
  • It’s good to prepare for things to be bad, but you should also be prepared for things to turn out fine.
  • Many people are trying to be cynical and self-referential in many blogs and other stuff now, and it’s getting a bit overused.
  • It’s hard to be special because so many other people are also trying to be special. If you fail at being special you won’t be special and if you succeed, enough people are guaranteed to succeed at being special that you won’t seem special anymore, rendering you no longer special. There are a few exceptions but the exceptional people wouldn’t be reading this.
  • Once you become an adult, you don’t have to listen to your parents telling you to drink 8 glasses of water a day; just drink water when you’re thirsty and on occasion apple juice because that isn’t detrimental to your health unlike other stuff.
  • Most teenagers have two personalities; a natural one and an obnoxious one that they use to become ‘popular’ but also causes older people to become biased against teenagers.
  • Whenever you use a general statement on a youtube comment, there will be people who try to sound smart by telling you that the general statement doesn’t apply to all of the things it was meant to apply to, completely ignoring the other part of your comment where you state that your statement was a general statement.
  • Don’t expect other people to be at the same level of intelligence as you.
  • Some people like over analysing things because it makes them seem smart and special; however, as I said before, this renders them no longer special. It’s much harder to summarise everything in a single sentence/phrase that would again be over analysed by someone else.
  • Things that make perfect sense to you may sound completely ridiculous to other people and also to your older self.
  • People get bored by lists, especially those that don’t mean anything.
  • Brackets are nice(but hard to avoid(especially when you think something(such as quotes, random facts(did you know that I don’t like peanut butter(I used to, but then it became disgusting(perhaps that was because it was Skippy(seriously, why would a peanut butter company associate itself with skipping(which helps you lose weight, unlike peanut butter(which many people are allergic to(because of the peanuts(I heard that this was because pregnant mothers are not exposed to many pathogens with better sanitation(in developed countries(what does that mean? It seems a little arrogant to consider your country better than others(this is probably what caused wars(like the 116 year war(between the House of Plantagenet(actually I should probably stop)and the House of Valois)for control of France)which are bad)so you shouldn’t)where living conditions are generally better)so the foetus’s immune system doesn’t get a chance to learn about which things to react to and which not to)that I don’t like)and can’t be around)which makes you fat)I don’t understand)peanut butter)and I didn’t eat it anymore)I really don’t)and other stuff)doesn’t go with the rest of your boring paragraph)when writing)sometimes.
  • British spelling is almost always the more confusing one.
  • Tortoises are the best.

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