Random interesting title.

Today is New Year’s Day which means tomorrow is orientation in my new school. There’s also two more days of orientation, which either means that there’s a lot of things to know about in this new school or the staff are just very bad at orienting new students.

My New Year’s resolution, that I will without a shadow of a doubt not break, is to be more healthy. I can’t possibly break it! My level of health is entirely up to me to decide, and even if other people decide for me, I still haven’t broken my resolution because I don’t think I have.

Is sky blue too bright for a background in January?

Meaningful end to this blog post! Merry belated Christmas, blah blah blah, togetherness, new start to a new year, every school is a good school, blah blah New Year’s Day is so meaningful, blah blah blah etcetera.

(etcetera is not a number, as I found out later on in my life)



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