The Only Even Prime Number!

2 is the only even prime number! It’s so amazing!

I’ve heard statements similar to the above in many places but I was always confused by why so many people consider it amazing. Even just means divisible by 2, and of course 2 is divisible by itself. It must also be the only even prime number because if any other prime number was divisible by 2, it would have to be 2 or be composite, in which case it is not a prime number.

Why is this so amazing? 3 is the only prime divisible by 3, 5 is the only number divisible by 5, etc. I wouldn’t even be convinced that 5 is special for being the only prime number that ends in a 5, because it only retains that property in base 10, the base that we use.

You could argue that 2 is the smallest number that has this property, but since all prime numbers have this property the most you can say is that it is the smallest prime number, which it actually shouldn’t be(due to negative prime numbers) but for some reason is considered to be.

So while 2 is the only even prime number, that property isn’t as special as you might think. A more suitable ‘special property’ is that 2 is the smallest prime number that is also a positive integer.

That’s so amazing!


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