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New School(and blog)

New School

Posted on February 1, 2013

Hello!  I haven’t posted in a long time because I’m in my new school, and we moved, so I haven’t had much time.  I also have a new blog, because I want to keep all my blog posts, so now I’m trying to move all of them, including this one.

In ISB, my old school, math questions were basically asking things like this.

What is 63 divided by 9?

In ACS, my new school, some questions were asking things like this.

A is the sum of all the odd numbers from 1 to 49.  B is the sum of all the even numbers from 2 to 48.  What is the difference of A and B?

So my new school is different.

When moving to a new school, have you ever noticed any huge changes?  Not only in the curriculum, but the teachers, your classmates, etc.

What changes did you notice?


  1. Hey Sean! You sent me an email about this, it is extremely different. If I move I wowuld probably not adapt as good as you, because I went to ISB my school years, and lived here since I was 2! Hope your having fun! I wouldn’t be able to move, I would be so scared. Haha! I wonder what you would say to that :D You still squishing people with your fingers?? Bye!!

    PS— What is the thing you miss most about Thailand??

  2. Hey Sean,
    When I first came to I.S.B almost every thing was different and sort of confusing. I hope you are enjoying your school though, I am sure every one is super smart just like you! Nice post!

    • Dear Matt,
      Hello! Later you might hear on the news how somebody’s head in Singapore exploded with the force of a trillion plutonium, and therefore radioactive and nuclear, bombs, the cause being you typing to me a ridiculous ‘number’. Actually you’ve probably been reduced to a pile of radioactive dust by now. :)
      Sean L.

  3. Hi Sean!

    How are you liking your new school? Everybody in our class surely misses you. Make sure to keep sending us emails about your new surroundings…anyways, it sounds like your new school fits in for you well. The math there is what you should be doing. We just went on the mangrove trip. I think it was ok. We also made a flat Sean, making sure we didn’t exclude you. We took pictures of you, accompanied by Khun Api. It was also your first time in the girl’s bathroom! We will try to remember to send you those hilarious pictures. If you want me to answer your question, yes, I have been noticing very big changes especially in the curriculum. Back in Malaysia, school subjects like math, were much harder, similar to ISB and your new school, ACS. Math in ISB is not as hard as how it is in Malaysia. Considering my old school was a government school, it would definitely be harder, and more strict. The classes were extremely different. In Malaysia, it was those old-fashion ones, but here, as you know, they are very modern. With lots of tech tools, too, computers, smartboards. In ISB, it is quite modern. Sean, we definitely miss you greatly, your hyper personality, your expression when Mr. Perkins says gazillion (it is a word). Oh, there’s one more thing, make sure to send an email, possibly a long one, to Khun Api. Out of all of us, she is the one that misses you the most. Ms. Jordan and Ms. Sandmann, too, they need ten people to replace you in choir :D . It is such a pity that you didn’t get to meet the new student, William, who moved in from Tunisia. He is adapting great to the school. He would’ve loved to meet you. Hope you enjoy your new school! We all miss you, Sean!