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Tricky tongue twisters

Hello! Can you say any of these? You might recognise some of them. The 14/40/44 one you say in Chinese. Can you do it?

May May
Say may in May?
I say, if May
Cannot say
May in May
I have to say
That May should say
May in May
And that I say.

Once there was a man called Bell
Who would sell quite useful bells.
One day a big bell fell on Bell
So Bell went to sell the bell that fell on Bell.

If I had a bee
And you had a tree
The bee would probably go to the tree
The tree couldn’t possibly go to the bee
As the tree can never be free
But the bee is free
To go to the tree
So the bee would go to the tree, you see.

14 isn’t 40
40 isn’t 14
14 is 14
40 is 40
14 isn’t 40 isn’t 44

Six sick sticks
Sick six sticks
Sick sticks; six
Six sticks; sick