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If it were my parents’ birthdays

Hello!  Today I’m going to tell you what I would do if I could do anything and it was my parents’ birthdays!

If it was my mother’s birthday, I’d…

Bake a beautiful delicious cake

When she’s finished, it’s her I’d take

To watch any movie she’d wish to see

Then go to a restaurant by the sea

After that she’d surf the net

And maybe get her a dog for a pet.

If it were my father’s birthday…

I’d give him some cupcakes, a hundred or more

When he’d be done, I’d give him more

I’d let him watch TV all day

And give him more candy, I say

I would let him play golf all the time

Then give him a trillion dollars(and a dime).

So what would you do?

Comments from old blog

David on September 26, 2012 at 8:26 pm said:

You are always writing poetry!
If I were Mr. Perkins, I would give you a 9.5/10!
Your great at math!
Amazing student.

Xuan Fan on September 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm said:

I like how you made another poem. Your poems rhyme and most importantly they make sense. I also liked how you added the question at the end. I like how you included both your parents not only your mom. Good job.

Pimrose on September 26, 2012 at 3:37 pm said:

I liked how you asked a question at the end because that is how you get a comments.
I liked this sentence Bake a beautiful delicious cake but I think you can write Bake beautiful delicious cake it would sound pretty with bake beautiful so it has 2 b’s




In school, in writing, we are doing a unit about memoirs.  A memoir is something that you remember very deeply and that you reflected on.  Here’s one.

Once I was in Barcelona with my family on a short trip.  On the third day we went to see Sagrada Familia, the unfinished chapel half-made by Gaudi, who died in the middle of its building.  Now another architect is working on it.

My father said that we shouldn’t see inside because it cost money, and there was a really long queue.  “It’s quite boring outside, it’ll be the same inside.” he told us.  The first part was almost true.  Outside it was dull and brown, and though there were lots of amazing carvings, it wasn’t very colorful.  We decided to go inside, but my father stayed behind.  Then we went in.

It was amazing!  There were giant stained glass windows that let colored light in like a rainbow.  There was a giant chandelier in the middle, and there were 4 colored spheres hanging around it.  There were huge marble pillars, and carved angels of different colors decorated the roof.  Inside, there was much more, more than I could possibly describe.

From this I learned something important.  My father looked outside and didn’t want to go in.  He judged the chapel by its appearance outside.  It was nice inside, though.  Now when I meet someone new, and they seem a bit strange, I think of Sagrada Familia and I talk to them.  They’re almost always rather nice.  So don’t judge any single thing by its outward appearance.

This applies to every single thing, especially humans.  What’s a memoir that you have?

I hope you learned something!



That’s a great lesson to learn! I liked how you decribed the dull, boring outside and then said that the inside was simply amazing! Great job!