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Hooray for leap day!  This only happens every 4 years.  These are a few facts I have learned about leap day.

  • Some people are born on leap day!  So they only get birthday presents every 4 years.  How sad.
  • Any year that ends in 00 is only a leap year if it is divisible by 400.  So the leap day people will have to skip their birthday on 2100! (though I don’t think you’ll live to see that)
  • Despite the 2nd fact, we have to add a leap year every 3,325 years and then it still won’t be right!
  • Our calendar doesn’t focus on the 3rd fact!  The current calendar is one day out in 3,333 years!

Obviously the last fact is kind of silly.  Still, don’t you want to get the calendar right?

Do you?  If you do, how would you do that?


Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe

Hello!  Today I will give a link to something really interesting.  It is called The Scale of the Universe.  In it you will find the three smallest things in the world and the smallest length in the world, which is a Planck.  You will also find out many other things like the size of the observable universe and the estimated size of the universe.  You will only find these things if you click on here and the start button.

Zooming in and out will make you think.  The universe has so many things and they are all interesting.  I feel that I’m not very important and quite insignificant, don’t you?