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Chao Phraya


Before I say anything else, italic parts are things I learned.  Got it?

Also, this post is a little late.  Sorry!

Yesterday we went on a barge trip on the Chao Phraya river.  It was nice.  There were three people there to teach us about the ecosystem.  First of all they reviewed the safety rules with us.  Then for our first activity we were taught about the water hyacinth plants that floated on the river.  After we had learned that, we split into groups of three who got items and had to tell a story connecting the water hyacinth to the item.  It was really fun.

The second activity was that we split into three groups and got a water hyacinth for each group.  Each group had to find living creatures.  We also got a little book to fill out and there was a checklist for the creatures we found.  Each creature had a special score.  To get the water quality, we had to do total score/total number of creatures found.  The result was about 3.8 which meant dirty water.  This was because of the floods in Thailand.

The third activity was we split into groups of three again and got some color pencils and a big piece of paper.  We had to pretend that we inherited a piece of riverside property and 25 million baht.  We could draw anything we wanted.  When we were done, the educators pieced together all the pieces of paper and added to clean water what it dirt would contain if we built all that.  At the end it was bluish with tissue paper, oil, washing powder, and sand.  This taught us that seemingly harmless buildings can pollute things a lot.

The fourth activity was a game that let us see how the deer and indeed any animal’s population goes up and down when left alone.  We started with two deer and 17 resources.  First the deer and resources would turn their backs and decide whether they wanted to have/be the resource of food, water, or shelter.  Then they both face each other and the deer try to get the matching resource.  If a deer got a resource, that resource becomes a deer.  If a deer could not find their resource, they would die and become a resource themselves.  Our educators charted the deer’s population over time and showed us what had happened over 9 rounds.  It was very interesting.

Our final activity was we were birds with different “beaks” with cups for stomachs.  There were “five different beaks and five different foods”.  Each type of bird tried to fill their stomach with the food stations that we rotated to.  After that we learned about adaptations.

I feel like the barge trip was very educative.

What do you think?


Flood Experiences

Hello! I will tell you about my experiences during the Pakkret field trip.

First we went to an old secondary school to donate some things for the few families who needed to stay there. After we had dropped off some supplies for them, we went to another evacuation center. This had more people and more supplies. We had brought some games to teach the children so they would not get bored. Then when we had given enough to them, we went to the market to see what they sold. We saw a snake skin that had dropped off. Our class also passed by the irrigation canal where we got our water. Irrigation means a method of directing water from natural water sources intto farms and fields to help water the crops.

At the end of the trip we saw the effects of the flood. The lower parts of the road were filled with water up to the knee.

I feel that the flood is a bad thing because some people have lost everything from the flood and that is definitely a bad thing.

What do you think?