Monthly Archives: October 2011

Student Learning: Math

Hello! Today I will tell you what I learned in math. We learned about probability. Probability means the chance that something will happen. For example, the probability that a tooth will conquer the world is impossible. Impossible means it cannot happen any way. It is 0%, which means 0 out of 100 outcomes. Outcome means what happened or what can happen. There is also unlikely, which means it can happen but it is probably not going to happen. It is around 25%. It is unlikely a cannibalistic tortoise will be born. In the middle is maybe. That means there is an even chance, or 50%. Maybe a coin will land on heads. Likely means it is probably going to happen. It is 75%. It has been raining for many days in Thailand, so it is likely that it will rain again. Finally there is certain, which means it will definitely happen. Can you think of anything?


Student Learning: Writing

Hello! Today I will tell you what I learned about writing.

1. Always make sure your reader is drawn in by your beginning. You can do this by beginning your story with dialogue or action.

2. Put just the right amount of dialogue and action. This way you can tell your reader the characters traits and describe the events well.

3. Make sure your story has an introduction. Then start a problem, and make it get worse, and worse, until it is worst. This is called the climax. After that, make it get resolved really quickly.

4. Make sure you have no run-on sentences like the one I am typing right now you can check for places you can put a pause, like that.

And last but not least,

5. Correct punctuation and spelling!