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The 4 important things!

Today my mother told me about the 4 important things in your entire life. They are:

Be kind,

Be safe,

Be fair, and

Be curious.

Always try to improve these things for your whole life and you will become a good person!


The little fishes!

Today I will tell you about my summer and a beautiful thing I saw! I hope you like it!

The Little Fishes

Once upon a time we went to a beach in KK. This is part of what happened. I was in the sea surrounding the island with my mother. I had a float, so I could well, float. My mother looked underwater. We both had goggles on. Suddenly my mother burst out of the water. “Look, Sean!” she exclaimed. I put my face down and saw a breathtaking spectacle. There were so many angelfish and yellow fish! However, what startled me the most were the little fish. At first there were only a few fish. These were joined by a few more, and a few more, and more fish… until there was an entire SWARM of little fish!

By Lance McCord

I had to be careful because if they sensed you they scattered everywhere. “Wow!” I said when I lifted my head up. It was one of the most amazing things I ever saw!

The writing techniques I used were:

Dialogue, Description, and Strong words.

Did you like that story? Hopefully you did! Bye!

Comments from old blog

How did you saw so many fish and I think you are lucky to see so many fish. Do you think you could make the paragraph longer?

Thanks! There is a lot of wildlife in Malaysia. I guess I could make it longer.



Hello everyone! I’m in 4th grade now and I’ll tell you what I learned in Science!

1. Do you know why magnetism exists? It goes deep down into the world of subatomic particles. The electrons are in a world of their own. They travel in different ways in imaginary boxes called domains. When a magnet comes close, the electrons decide to move and go to the magnet. That’s why magnets attract.

2. Did you know that the only elements( the things most things on Earth are made of) that stick to magnets are iron, nickel, and cobalt? You can remember it like Naughty Imaginative Cats or Nice Inventive Crows.

Wait for more posts!