My Blogging Learning

It’s time to reflect on my blogging!

It is almost summer holiday.  We have to make a reflection.  We started our blogs in October and now it’s May already!  This is what my blog looked like in October.

This is what my blog looks like now.

During that time I have learned about making comments on other people’s blogs, replying to comments, adding new widgets, improving my About page, what are good things to write about, inserting videos, inserting pictures, embedding things, making new post categories, making new links, making new link categories, making a blog post, changing my theme, changing my password and user name, linking to things on my blog post, putting attribution, and lots lots more.

I love blogging because you can share your experiences, thoughts, and even feelings without having to get up and show everybody.  Do you love blogging?  I do!

I’ve learned so much abut blogging!

Both of these pictures were taken by our wonderful cheesy teacher, Ms.Chesebro.


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