Marketplace: Number 2!

Today we had Marketplace number 2.  It was so fun!  I brought my products and the second graders came!  These are my experiences.

My profit was 51 banthers.

My product was good.

My location was good.

Rax went away from PJ and he sold better.  This proves that if you have an attractive store and there is another more attractive store close by, then the best way to make even more money is to move away from the more attractive store to a group of less attractive stores.  This is a good way because then instead of being out shined by a more attractive store, you stand out from less attractive stores.

A lot of people bought my product.

I sold out and I had 14 of my product!

The second picture is me when I was setting up.  I was very stressed because all my products were tangled up.


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