Hello everyone!  In reading the class is studying non-fiction and my group is studying extinct animals and I specifically am studying Brachiosaurus.  Here is a paragraph about the Brachiosaurus’ size.

Brachiosaurus was huge.

One example is that Brachiosaurus has been found to be 10 times bigger than a modern elephant.  Scientists have also figured out that due to its immense size, Brachiosaurus would obviously have needed more than a thousand kilograms of food daily.  Also, Brachiosaurus was so big that the scientist who found the prehistoric creature took 4 years to dig the whole Brachiosaurus skeleton up from the ground in Tanzania, Africa.  The German scientist who found the Brachiosaurus said; “I am shocked that such an enormous creature has even ever existed.”  Lastly, Brachiosaurus needed so much food it had to migrate extremely frequently and consistently.  Surely after reading this you must understand why everybody thinks and knows that the Brachiosaurus was an exceedingly humongous creature.

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