Marketplace Research Day

Today was an exciting day!

In Social Studies we are studying economics.  This means we are studying the part of life called the economy.  The economy is anyone who makes a choice about their money.  There are producers, who sell things, and consumers, who buy things.  Today we were the producers.  My product that I was selling was a windchime. I sold 2 out of the 5 windchimes I made.  That was relatively good.  We had to rearrange the entire classroom and we learned about things like rent and business licenses.  I did not display it that well in the beginning.  That was one of the bad things that happened to me.  However, at least I earned one banther. I loved Marketplace today.  This is a picture of me and my fellow classmates selling things.

This picture was taken by Ryoko. She is a new student and so she could not understand very much English and therefore she could not make a product.  So she took pictures.  I think I will sell the ones with green circles and blue stars on them.  That is because those were the ones that my customers liked most.  I noticed that in the other classrooms somebody who was offering a service. This person was letting people play a sort of game with Nerf guns and the players would pay him for it.  He got quite a lot of money.

My feedbacks were quite good.  Everybody said yes on everything and only one person said I need improvement. In the middle and end I was holding the wind chimes with my hands.  She said I needed something to hold my wind chimes up.  The next market place takes place on May 18th.  I hope to make as many of my products as I can, and make improvements on them.

This picture was taken by Khun Wattana.

I had lots of fun on Market Place Day!




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